You’re a WHAT?

by Angela on April 11, 2009

The best way for me to end a conversation or start a fight is to truthfully answer the dreaded question… “what do you go to school for?”

I am a Gender Studies major at SUNY Purchase. I am an intern at the Alternative Clinic (a student-run full-service women’s clinic on campus) and a co-producer of “Let’s Talk About Sex” (a live television show on our campus television station, PTV). So, when I truthfully explain what I do in collegeĀ  most people either roll their eyes or walk away in confusion. Although I’ve learned to use this as a secret method of keeping creepsters away at bars (“…Yes, I’m finishing up my degree in GENDER STUDIES…”) it is pretty disappointing to know that the greater part of the population not only has no idea what Gender Studies is but they are scared of it!

In response to this fear and confusion (or whatever it is that keeps everyone away!) I have created this blog to share information and discuss my experience in the study of gender and sexuality. You will find quotes, literature, articles, photos, reviews, videos, upcoming events, and my own musings, rants, and inspirations.

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