If you know me, you know I think my navel is nothing worth gazing at. 

Recently, I was asked to provide a declaration of creative intent–an expression of who I am and what I bring to the table–after interviewing for a job. Believe me, I am still a bit tempted to write a song about how great I am and hire a live band to perform it for the entire company. But, instead of waxing poetic about myself or finding a way to make my resumé rhyme, I intend to show what I’m good at: getting shit done.

So, I’ve selected one of the company’s most badass nonprofit clients, Organizing for Action (OFA), to spend the next five days fundraising for. The goal is to raise $500 by 5pm on Friday, March 16. But, let’s blow it out of the water, shall we?

Here’s how it’ll to work:



You can donate and track progress via Rally. You can also learn more about OFA’s mission, work, and why now is the time to give.



I’ll be sending out a launch email on Monday to friends and family, sharing my crazy idea and asking them to help make it happen.



Throughout the week, follow along on Instagram (or Facebook, if we're friends). I’ll post progress and share important reasons why now is the time to donate to OFA. 

What does this all have to do with my creative intent?

I believe that creativity doesn’t matter if you cannot use it to affect positive change. I believe that words can move people and community can help us take on bigger things together. I believe that life’s too short to not use our powers for all the good we can at every chance we have. I take pride in my ability to go from seed to harvest. Maybe I'll get a job offer, maybe I won't. Either way, I know I’ll have illustrated both my skills and my values along the way.